• They don't give their legion of fans a glimpse into parenthood

• They cover their children's faces using different tricks 

Famous mums whose children we have never seen
celebrity mothers Famous mums whose children we have never seen
Image: kambua and avril

1. Uganda singer Juliana Kanyomozi

The singer gave birth two years ago and to date has never shown her son's face. The child is her second born as she had another son who died in a Kenyan hospital following a long illness.

2. Kambua Manundu

Since giving birth to her son 3-year-old son, Nate, the gospel singer has never shown his face, only choosing to show fans snippets of his back or distant views of her cute bundle of joy.

She celebrated him as her 'sweet slice of heaven' when he arrived on August 10, 2019, after the singer and her hubby waited for seven years to have a baby. She detailed her childless years in a sweet note where she wrote,

''Part of the reason I have been cautious about sharing my story with people on a larger scale is that ever since I got pregnant, I’ve had women ask me what exactly I did to get pregnant and I don’t have an answer for them. That’s why I tell people that Nathaniel is a miracle, and no one can take credit for it,"

3. Risper Faith

The mother of one says she will not expose her son to social media over cyberbullying fears. All fans are shown are videos of the young boy's back or a birds-eye view as he plays.

4. Amina Rabar

The tv presenter has also never shown her son's face since giving birth to Tumi. You won't even find him on her Instagram feed, but you will be lucky to view his back on her stories as she shares his adventures.

5. Wanjiku Mburu

While it may be still early days, Wanjiku who gave birth two weeks ago has not given a hint of the child's face or gender.

This may perhaps be because her original account was hacked but that is just a  guess at the moment.

6. Avril

The 'Chokoza' singer hasn't yet revealed her son's face, nor does she talk about the baby daddy.

If you are hoping to catch up with her baby online forget about it. All we see are hands or feet videos..

7. Amani 

The gospel singer gave birth and to date, we don't know the gender of her child.

She also never speaks anything about the child as revealed in a Parents Magazine interview where she said her marriage and family remains private.

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