• MC Jimmie Kajim said marriage is a personal decision.

MC Jimmie Kajim with his wife Silvana Wambui
MC Jimmie Kajim with his wife Silvana Wambui
Image: courtesy

Gukena FM co-host MC Jimmie Kajim says his wife Silvana Wambui brought fourth blessings in his life.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Kajim said he has gotten opportunities after he got married.

"My wife has been my support system since I met her. I feel bad when I read negative comments about marriage. For me, to say the truth, I can't account for the years I was single yet, I was making money from gigs."

The comedian who built his name in the Mugiithi sector says he is now taking his MC career a notch higher and hosting corporate events.

"All I can say is, he who finds a wife finds favour. This year, I have become a brand ambassador and gotten many better opportunities. I have seen the blessings."

His advice to anyone who wants to get married, Kajim said;

"Marriage is very personal. The reason one gets married is different from the other person. My bishop said, 'What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa'."

Kajim and Wambui tied the knot in a colourful wedding ceremony at Scilla Gardens Kasarani in May this year.

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