It's one of those days when conversations about the sexes get heated up over brunch. My male friend and I have ordered the usual- fries and overpriced smoothie.

Let me remind you that with him, he is always bickering about his relationships. He just never gets tired.

He goes on and on about his girlfriend being insecure in the relationship. That whatever he does is not enough for her to understand she is loved.

"Nyi madem hutakanga nini by the way? You are so complicated," he complains.

I roll my eyes and sip on my smoothie. We go on and on about how women are complicated, and it dawned on me that it's not the fact. The men just do not get it.

Women are just like puppies in nature. They like to be babied just like puppies except puppies are cute!

So I give him a few pointers to get him started on the journey of reassuring his girlfriend that she is loved.

Assure her that she is always beautiful

It's important to always remind your girl that she is beautiful. Her beauty drew you in to approach her to be your woman.

Remind her that she is still beautiful. Do not be numb to the terrific beauty that your babe is.

The problem with guys is that they do not see the blessing they have, bro go speechless when you see your girl stepping out of the house, tell her 'babe you look amazingly beautiful.

That can't be such a hard thing to do!

Assure her that you love her and show that

Guys especially Kenyan men just miss the whole point of romance. Through acts of love, you can show your girl that you love her. Get her gifts, say 'I love you', often. Just be romantic.

That's all that this gender wants after all!

Assure her that she is the only one

Some will say that being with a woman is reason enough for her to know she is the only one. That among the millions of women, you chose her. I say that's bullsh*t. Remind her she is the only one when her insecurities start kicking in. And if she doesn't get it, REMIND HER AGAIN!

Assure her of the future

While in the bubble of the relationship and the thrill of romance, remember to assure her that you are planning a future with them.

Do not assume that she knows you are building a future with her. She needs reassurance that no matter what, she will be your future wife, you got plans for her, long-term plans to be exact.

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