The 20s is an adventurous age where one starts to learn to manoeuvre through adulthood. This is the age where many of us target to get a sense of independence and explore many things in life.

At this age it either you are on campus or done with the campus.

One major thing experimented on by a large percentage of us is relationship life.

Many times these relationships result in different things like heartbreaks, good healthy relationships or even good productive long term friendships.

Here are a few perks of being single in your 20s.

1. You get the chance to get to know yourself more comprehensively.

While in your 20s, this is when you start discovering yourself and knowing yourself at a deeper level.

This is because while we were still teenagers, our parents did almost everything for us and monitored everything we do, basically, we lived under their rules.

Of course, they were just performing their roles as a responsible parent would.

In your 20s you start becoming your own responsibility and your own boss. This way you get to learn your likes and dislikes and even your weaknesses and strengths.

Some may argue that you can still do this while in a relationship, yes you can but you can’t compare the results while single since in a relationship your partner also ends up being your responsibility and hence you have to balance the two of you.

Once you start learning things about yourself you can even get a chance to work on your strengths and build yourself as a person.

2. You get to have a lot of spare time

Since you don’t have yourself tied to someone, you have a lot of time to try out things like business ideas, travelling, exploring or getting physical like exercising and working on your mental health.

Selfish much?

But is it really being selfish when you are building yourself at nobody’s expense. Time itself is more valuable than money and when used productively it can amount to a lot of beneficial things.

Taking your time to experience a lot of things in life is very worth it because as you do all these things you get the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from different angles in life and learn about different personalities and even get to identify your preferences in your future partner.

3. You are very flexible

While we are young chances of getting big opportunities are very high especially when skilled and sometimes these opportunities require us to be in so many places at once.

There have been shocking cases where some people turn down big and lucrative job opportunities reason being they will be far away from their partners.

Of course, it's good to care for people but when it comes to a life-changing opportunity, a line has to be drawn.

When single such opportunities while never leave you behind since you are very flexible and can move around even to different continents

Whether you believe it or not, deciding to be single while in your 20s has to be one of the best decisions you can make.

Of course, it gets bittersweet but the perseverance is worth it.

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