Relaxing activities that cost nothing for the weekend

Spa/ Self care
Spa/ Self care

Too much work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Once in a while approaching fun at a different angle is very worth it. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of energy or even movement.

Here is a list of some of the most relaxing things to do over the weekend.

1. Sleeping in

Quite famous among many of us. Making a decision to leave the comfort of our warm beds to prepare for work has to be quite the task, to be honest.

Sometimes we even get tempted to call the office and give a lame excuse for not being able to come to work. Sleeping in on a Saturday or a Sunday can definitely be a very good option.

The best part about sleeping is that it’s a low budget activity. In fact, you end up not spending money.

Study shows that sleep as a form of relaxing is very productive as you give your mind some time to cool down and run slow.

2. Playing indoor games

This is a very good idea because it gives you an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones either friends or even family members like for example children if you have any.

Not only is this activity relaxing but also, it doubles up a bonding session.

A list of indoor games includes; Musical chairs, charades, board games such as snake and ladders, monopoly, chess and card games such as poker and Uno.

3. Binge watching

This is the act of watching television episodes continuously back to back or even a series especially one with many episodes and seasons. Netflix is actually free so jibambeni.

4. Being crafty/ artistic

Taking part in creative activities can be considered very therapeutic because one can express their thoughts through artistic pieces. One can be artistic in so many different ways such as painting using liquid or spray paints, drawing or doing DIYs( do it yourself activities on youtube).

5. Going to the spa

This activity can be quite costly for some but very worth it. The services provided are very rewarding. Taking your time to sacrifice and save money for it can be a very good idea.

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