Baba Gloria Meme
Baba Gloria Meme

Kenyans are on a serious rampage after a man now commonly known as Baba Gloria sent a rather uncouth sticker to a family Whatsapp group.

The group was supposed to be a send-off for a relative of a popular politician in Central Kenya, and he was very unfortunate to not have the chance to delete it before people saw it.

A source claimed that he was kicked out of the group before he could delete the offending sticker.

On the screenshot shared on social media platforms, it was interesting to see how the country reacted.

The person who leaked the conversations from the family WhatApp group did not hide the phone number of Baba Gloria.

After his number was also exposed to the public Kenyans could not resist calling him relentlessly and one guy on Twitter went ahead to tell him “pole sana baba Gloria, kuchoma umechoma, but there is nothing you can do, chin up.”

Baba gloria might have to disable his number temporarily because everyone is curious to know what he was thinking about and the events that led him to post such a sticker. Some people even went to ahead to actually call him!

My take is he should just go with the vibe and benefit from all the attention he’s getting. No publicity is bad publicity anyway.

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