• Baba Gloria could not clean his mess immediately since the Whatsapp Group admin had already kicked him out. 

Image: Courtesy

A man identified as Baba Gloria has been trending on social media platforms in Kenya after sending a nude photo in a Whatsapp group. 

But how did Baba Gloria's case blow up this far? 

Mpasho has established that Baba Gloria did not only send the viral photo to the Whatsapp group, but also a video of the same nature. 

Immediately after he sent it, members descended on him, demanding him to delete it. 

However, this could not happen immediately since the Whatsapp Group admin had already kicked him out. 

He had to be added back to the group to clear his mess. 

The Whatsapp group that witnessed this drama was formed in order to fundraise for the funeral arrangement of a parent of a popular politician in Central Kenya. 

Unfortunately, a screenshot had been taken before he deleted it and shared it on social media. 

There have been incidences of Whatsapp Group gaffes that have gone viral in the past. 

One was a case where a man sent a love message meant for his girlfriend to a Bibble Study Whatsapp Group. 

The dangers of social media gaffes were also seen recently after Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage became a victim of the same. 

A short video of Tiwa Savage's sex tape was 'accidentally' uploaded on Snapchat by her partner. 

Even though it was pulled down after a few seconds, a user had already gotten a hold of it and used it to blackmail the singer. 

Tiwa Savage refused the demands of the blackmailer, leading to its release last week.

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