Cross-dressing, the act of wearing clothes of the opposite sex has become a norm in this era.

This act was considered taboo, but right now we can all agree they male celebrities are taking the fashion industry by storm.

They have embraced this art and they are pretty good at what they do.

People crossdress as a form of self-expression, art, culture and as a way of entertaining their audience, and as a marketing strategy.

Here is a list of celebrities who cross dress and look really stylish.

Kelvin Kinuthia

Bold, funny and unapologetic. He cross dresses, complete with fashion wigs and heels. Not forgetting the long manicured nails.He's one of the male celebrities who does this for content creation.

Dennis Karuri

Talk of successful make-up artists and fashion icons, and Karuri would not miss the list.

He is not bound by societal norms, he wears what he wants, wherever and whenever he feels like.

Every piece of clothing he wears, he does it justice considering his model-like physique.

Eric Omondi

Eric has cross-dressed a couple of times when doing his comedy skits. He basically does this for work purposes.

The king of comedy once wore a red dress and a wig and his make-up was on fleek than most of you ladies out there.


Peter Nyongo
Peter Nyongo

Peter Nyong'o

Lupita's brother is one of the controversial people who have gone against societal norms and never been ashamed of it. He loves crossdressing. He's pretty oof at it.

There was a time he wore a red thong revealing his behind in a suggestive pose during a photoshoot. It created a fuss online, but did he care?

It was the caption for me: " What if Adam was Eve"

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