I don't regret doing it-Dennis Karuri on proposing to Eric Omondi

• "Shooting the video was just part of work. It was to make more people watch the Wife material show." -Dennis Karuri

Dennis Karuri
Image: Instagram

Makeup artiste Dennis Karuri has revealed that he is not interested in dating Eric Omondi as earlier projected.

Karuri had earlier shared a video of himself dressed as a lady telling Eric Omondi that he could be his wife.

Eric himself re-posted the video proposal that Dennis had made on his Instagram page. In the post, Dennis can be heard telling Eric;

"Hi, Eric, my name is Dennis, from Nairobi, Kenya. All this time you haven't found a wife. Ask yourself one question. Have you ever gotten a taste of this? (Pointing at his own body). Refresh your taste. Refresh your choices."


"Honey, I am that sweet girl that everyone is asking for. Who is that sweet girl? Who is that sweet girl? It's me. Yes, it's me. Honey I got nyash. I got breasts. Small breast. I got brains. I got a face, I can cook. Normally that is what you call a wife material. Honey that is what you call a wife material."

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Karuri now says the video was to promote the "Wife Material" show.

"Shooting the video was just part of work. It was to make more people watch the 'Wife Material' show. I do not regret doing the video, I knew what I was doing. Who I am right now I cannot be in 'Wife Material'. I wouldn't want KFCB to ban the video."

On whether ladies wanting to date him should send applications, Karuri says, "I do not want ladies sending me applications, I have someone in my life."

On how he feels when some people assume he is not straight because of cross-dressing and applying makeup on himself, Karura says he doesn't care about people's opinions.

"At first I was affected but for how long will I defend myself? I realized that I have nothing to explain to anyone, people who spread hate are unhappy people."

Check the video that has caused uproar below;

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