Jowie Irungu is in the news again. The chief reason for this is that he might have gone against the bail terms that the courts had given him and thus might go back to jail if the courts agree with the DPP on September 28 2021.

The DPP made an application a few months ago seeking to cancel his bond arguing that he has violated the bail conditions issued by Justice James Wakiaga last year.

They allege that Jowie got into a fight at Club 1824 in March this year while out on bail.

“I have confirmed that the accused does not live with parents at Nguta Estate Nakuru County and does not assist his parents with their poultry farming as he is not living with them,” Otieno said.

The prosecution accuses Jowie of violating court orders by moving and residing within Langata being the secondary crime scene and the locality of the potential witnesses who are yet to testify.

And this is where I come in. Why would Jowie risk going to jail for such actions? His transgressions are easily preventable. Like not being in the vicinity of Lang'ata against the express wishes of the prosecution.

Not only that, why enter into a fight while at the club? 

Let's not forget that before Jacque Maribe's ex saw the outside of jail, that his family had to give out a title deed for his Ksh 2 million bond!

Also, let's not forget all the horrible stories that we heard had happened to Jowie after he went to different prisons in the country.

Again I ask, why would he risk going to jail again for such preventable things? The probable answer is the psychological term known as self-sabotage. 

It is when a person actively or passively takes steps to prevent themselves from reaching their goals. This behaviour can affect nearly every aspect of their lives, be it a relationship, a career goal, or a personal goal such as staying out of jail!

Have you ever had a friend or someone that you know whose own behaviour after they got ahead was to do something that put that achievement at risk? Jowie is a classic example that all Kenyans can now see. 

What are some of the traits of a self-sabotaging individual?

-Blaming others when things go wrong.

-Dating people who aren’t right for you.

-Trouble stating ones needs.

-Putting yourself down.

-Choosing to walk away when things don’t go smoothly.


-Picking fights with friends or partners.

What causes it?

It happens normally as a form of self-preservation when we are younger, things that were adaptive in one context but are no longer necessary.

These behaviours helped a person adapt to a previous situation, like a traumatic childhood or toxic relationship, and survive the challenges you faced there. 

Tips for overcoming it

-Identify the behaviors.

-Learn what sets you off/triggers you.

-Practice getting comfortable with failure.

-Talk about it with a professional like a psychologist or a counselor.

-Identify what you really want in life and write it down and stick to it.

But I could be wrong and Jowie wasn't self-sabotaging. He just wanted to parrrrrtttttyyyy!!!

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