•Men are visual beings and when a woman stops looking good it's easy for them to lose interest.

Ferdinand Otieno
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When getting married we all look forward to a happily ever after.

But the truth is that marriage is not a bed of roses. More often than not we make mistakes that strain our marriages.

Below are 7 mistakes married women make

1.Thinking you are the project

You get married and assume everything will always be about you.

You forget that things change and so do priorities.

Most men are project-driven and now that he has you he moves on to other projects eg building a house, educating kids, etc.

The solution to this is to quit nagging and join him in achieving his other projects.

2. Supporting the wrong decisions

Tell him the truth even if it will hurt him.

Be the voice of reasons under the disguise of submission.

3. Familiarity

It's so easy to fall into this pit because you are the one who sees your husband at his lowest.

You know him under every shade. You start shouting at him and speaking to him anyhow.

You do things you would do when you were 

Every man wants to be the king of his castle, if you treat him so he will also treat you like a queen.

4.Not taking care of ourselves

Men are visual beings and when a woman stops looking good it's easy for them to lose interest.

We must be attractive on the outside before they get to the inside.

Lose weight, eat healthily and take better care of your health. 

5. Complaining rather than praying

Learn to pray instead of nagging.

6. Taking the leadership role

When you do this for so long men relax and let you take the wheel. Why would he bother when you have shown you can do it.

God ordained men to be the head of the house, so women keep off and let men take control.

7.Training husband and loving the kids

It should be the other way round, women should love their husbands and train their kids on what is morally right or wrong.

His mother tried training him and she failed, what makes you think you will succeed in training him? Just love him.

If there is something you don't like in your man, train your kids so that it does not appear in them.

What other mistakes do married women make?

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