Why human beings are attached to dogs and their importance

• Grace Ekirapa opened up on the death of their dog, and how it broke Pascal Tokodi's heart. 

Pascal Tokodi and his dog
Image: Grace Ekirapa/Instagram

Many human beings have shown immense love to dogs as compared to other domestic animals. 

Due to this special bond between people and their dogs, some are ready to part with a lot of money to find their pet when it suddenly dissapears. 

Early this year, US singer Lady Gaga offered to award $ 500,000 to anyone who finds her missing dog named Miss Asia. 

Recently, Kenyan media personality Grace Ekirapa opened up on the death of their dog, and how it broke her husband, Pascal Tokodi's heart. 

"He lost his energy, he stopped feeding, he was vomiting and had diarrhoea, and every time he threw up, I could see how much pain he was in," Grace Ekirapa shared. 

But why do human beings have such an intimate attachment to dogs?

Various studies have suggested that some people are more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans.

Some of the reasons why human beings love dogs include;

1. Loyalty

Dogs have proven to be very loyal to their human friends. This was evident in 2018 when former US president George Bush's dog, Sully laid beside his casket.

2. Therapy

Dogs can offer a form of animal-assisted therapy to humans.  

They have been found to be of great help in the reduction of anxiety, pain, and depression. 

When it keeps you company, and you soothe it to sleep, a dog offers comfort. 

3. Protection

Well, apart from the little Chihuahuas who offer nothing more than a beautiful company, the common purpose of a dog is to offer protection. 

This is why human beings love, and invest heavily in high breed dogs such as Bulldogs and German shepherds.

4. Exercising

Dogs are a good company when you want to go for an evening or morning jog. 

Also, Dogs themselves require frequent  exercise and in the process, you will also keep fit.

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