Wilson Abubakar Radido aka Willy Paul has become a clout-chaser. Yes, I said it! But I am also repeating a sentiment that many Kenyans have been saying the past year.

Sadly, he wasn't always like that. Pozze was a man who relied on his vast talent and skills to sell his music.

His introduction as a genuine musical threat came about with his first mega-hit just "Sitolia" just when Instagram was coming into the market. Yes, that far back!

The man has maintained relevance since then with some chart-toppers and astute collaborations in between that solidified his status as a bonafide superstar.

But it seems that something changed in the singer over the past year. And it all started going horribly wrong in Mid-2020.

The star was embroiled in an ugly back and forth with socialite Shakilla who claimed that he was one of the popular male celebs she had slept with.

The whole affair degenerated into a verbal mudslinging contest that only ended after Willy had her arrested after she had attempted to go to his house uninvited, a notion she refuted.

I don't know if Pozze learnt a lesson from that messy incident or what but one can see that the way he started promoting his music changed.

Before, he promoted his music by using his music(if you get my drift), showing how the public was appreciative of his work.

But now his publicity involves foul-mouthed posts on social media incredulous stories about his life that beggar belief.

He also started doing what he had long excoriated gospel singer Ringtone for doing-Starting beef with other singers for no reason whatsoever.

Just this past month, Willy has not only threatened to expose male singers who are being paid to do gay prostitution.

Also, the singer manufactured a beef with Diamond(who ignored him BTW), then started another with Dj Mo and Size 8 to promote his new chart-topping song with the latter.

While the strategy might get him the desired attention and publicity at first, it does have a short shelf life as it does get tiring for the general public. It is like the boy who cried wolf, something that Ringtone is starting to realize with his own labour-inducing antics.

You start getting known more for your publicity stunts than for what made you a star. In the long run, people become ashamed of being associated with the product you're trying to sell with all the antics, your music.

The sad thing is that Willy has enough talent to leverage on without using cheap stunts and clout-chasing.

This is something I hope he will remember before he becomes a caricature of the boy who delighted us with the ever-catchy, "Sitolia". One can only hope.

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