Marriage isn't a bed of roses like many assume. Couples break up and go for days without talking to each other yet they still even share a bed.

On Wednesday morning, a Classic 105 listener called Maina Kageni and his co-host Mwalimu King'ang'i, telling them that she hasn't talked to her husband for a month yet they live under the same roof.

Maina was shocked but his co-host King'ang'i wasn't amused.

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'What is the longest you have gone without talking to your partner?' Maina asked his followers.

Contributing to the discussion, King'ang'i said,

'In marriage couples not speaking to each other is normal especially if they're married for long. I have gone for two weeks without talking to my wife. Mnapitana tuu kama trailer kwa nyumba. watoto ndio wanatumika kwa messengers.'

He continued,

' fact you're using the same car and you ain't talking to each other. Because ukiongea unawasha moto zaidi. Hakuna hata salamu. Mnalala pamoja, unaamka unaenda job and it is normal.'

Most of the callers echoed King'ang'i's sentiments, saying it was 'normal not to talk to your partner'.

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