Gospel artiste Kambua has talked about her pregnancy journey when she found out she was expectant with her first child Nathaniel.

Kambua who waited for almost 7 years before conceiving in an interview with The Play House says news of her pregnancy was nostalgic for her.

‘I was on holiday with my husband and I was always sleepy.

I was also always bloated and I had even thought of writing to the management as I had thought it’s something they had put in their food.

When I came back home the bloating continued and I wondered kwani chakula yangu pia ina shida?

I took a test and it came out positive.’

Kambua added,

‘ I was so excited, but it was also a mixture of happiness and fear because I was anxious.

Being pregnant is one thing and carrying it is another thing.

I then decided to keep away from social media for a while, It was a sacred time for me.

I just wanted to focus on being a pregnant woman. I did not want to commercialize it in any way possible.

By the time baby came, I knew I could not be distracted. I appreciate that people around me kept it under wraps.'

Talking about her motherhood journey she says,

‘Motherhood is tough and at the time I did not know what I was doing.

He is such a ball of energy; the child is a constant reminder that God is a generous giver.’

Kambua is currently expectant with her second child.

As a way of thank giving she has released a new jam ‘Neema’ check it out below.