Media personality Dr Kingori has talked about how tough life was like growing up, for them it was the norm to sleep hungry on some days.

Talking during an interview on Churchill Show he said,

'Kulala njaa ilikua kawaida. 

There is a day my brother saw me buy a packet of maize flour and my brother even created a song coz of how happy he was.

My dad was a carpenter and my mum was a casual labourer. 

My mum used to sell blouses and that meant that if she did not sell we were to sleep hungry.'


'One day I helped babysit a kid who had been left with a neighbour, after I helped calm the baby the mum gave me a 20 bob coin.

That day my mum did not sell any blouses and we were to sleep hungry but luckily that coin bought us supper.

We bought unga at 13 bob, cooking oil was 2 shillings, while kales were being sold for 1 shilling.

That act of goodness (baby sitting) made us not sleep hungry that day.'

At some point Kingori's father struggled with alcoholism, and that taught him a big lesson.

'I learned that you are the one who choses from every situation. Right now my dad is my biggest fan.'

Like they say, never let your past determine your future.

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