Just like most of us, gospel singer Eunice Njeri misses interacting with people and doing different activities like before.
The 'Ameni' hitmaker says some of her to-do list after quarantine is to eat Tilapia by the roadside, go to church, travel and hang out with friends
She hightligted 16 things that are on her list after quarantine;

Things I want to do after quarantine!!

1)Go to church

2)burn them masks

3)Go to church

4)find my passport ,its here somewhere 👀

5)Go to church

6)eat tilapia fish ya barabara

7)Go to church


9)Go to church again

10)Starbucks with @marlieshoogteijling

11)Go to church this time I'll get a lift from @haleymillar22

12)caramel macchiato with @hannahkrezi and @kennedykrezi and

13)head over to, you know it!!! church!!!

14)preach in a random bus

15) wear a Sunday best on a Tuesday

16)and then go to church and sing very loudly....God knows my prayer...

What's your plan?

Probably many fans' plan is to see Eunice Njeri release more songs and possibly, a concert.