The ongoing murder trial of Jacque Maribe and Joseph 'Jowie' Irungu was today in session.

Maribe's house manager, Pamela Kembo, has testified and given an account of how the police arrested Jowie from their Langata apartment.

After Jowie, allegedly shot himself and he was taken to hospital. Pamela said when Jowie went back to the house, she was the only one at home with the baby.

Later that night, Jacque came back at 8 pm and went straight to bed. Their neighbour Brian Kassaine was also in the house.

The next day policemen came to the house. They had guns I saw them when they were leaving. They went to the Master bedroom. They left at 7.20 am with Jowie. I don't know where they went. Jacque later left for work at around 8 am using an uber.

Pamela went on narrating saying, "Jowie came back at 2 pm with the cops. He told me to take the child to Brian's house."

Pamela Kembo, Jacque Maribe's house manager testifies in court
Pamela Kembo, Jacque Maribe's house manager testifies in court

She took the child and went to Brian's house so she didn't see what they were doing at the house. The police left at 6.30 pm. Jowie then came and told her to go lock the house and left with the cops.

Then Jacque's dad called her and told her to take the child to BuruBuru, saying they would not be staying over at the house. When she peeped into the house it had been turned upside down.

"I agreed to go to Buru Buru in an Uber. The next day I asked Jacque's mum to give me fare to go to their home. I had called Terryanne Chebet and told her I am going home but she told me to go to her house in Kilimani instead of going to Kitale. "


Leaving Buru Buru, Jacque's mum gave her Ksh 1000 for transport. She got to Terryanne's house and stayed there.

Since then she has never seen either Jacque Maribe and Jowie. She says she was in good terms with Jacque. But not Jowie.

"He at one time accused me of stealing the house rent. In August 2018 I wanted to resign but Jacque's mum begged me to stay."