Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni has refuted claims that he is 'selfish'. According to him deciding to love and pamper himself is not a crime.

This was after his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi said that maybe one of the reasons Maina is not married is because he just wants to lavish stuff on himself.

'You are a very selfish person do you know why? So you always go for vacations alone, always eat you salary alone.


You do not even send your mum cash on her Mpesa, Infact she is the one who sends you cash herself.'

Mwalimu KIngangi went on to urge Maina to get married.

'Please get married and when you do, you will be coming to the studio and just playing music coz you do not even have the strength to talk. By now you should have 7 kids.'

Maina Kageni who was obviously flabbergasted went on to ask?

'Is that what you really think of me when you look at me? But I do entertain my friends. I do and sometimes loving yourself is the only thing that you might be in need of.

As for marriage if one gets the right partner well and good.

If not who said one has to be married to be happy?'