Huddah Monroe has warned Kenyan women from dating Nigerian men. In an angry rant, the controversial Kenyan socialite said Nigerian men are scammers and milk you dry and disappear without a trace.

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Huddah Monroe also said that these West African men take off after impregnating women, hence the reason why there are so many single mothers in Kenya.

She said that most victims are East and South African women.

'So many bastard kids left in Kenya by Nigerians after the women took loans for them,' she wrote.


A lot of women can't speak up because some of them are embarrassed. Some have run mad. They don't know where to start. These men made them block all their friends! They use divide and conquer and get the best of you. I am sorry on their behalf.

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Several Kenyan women have dated Nigerian men and the experience was not good they include, Bridget Achieng, Lisa Gaitho, Vera Sidika are good examples.

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