Ugandan comic Anne Kansiime is breathing fire. She has told off fake friends in her life.

In an angry rant, Kansiime who was addressing rumors that she and her lover Skyla had passed on, told pretenders to stay away from her life.

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Kansiime narrated how people who don't talk to her called her after the news went viral that she was no more.


Anne has the following to tell fake friends;

If you're not willing to celebrate someone, the little success they have or the beautiful things that they do don't go around and dramatically mourn them.

I am promising you if you don't call me to check on me na waooh on you. If you come to mourn me and cry at my burial I'll come back for you.

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She was angered by the callers, who were only attracted by the news of her death. She said;

I'm going to start researching on how to come back because for the first time I thought I wanted to rest in peace but if ever I rest it will not be peaceful. I'll be coming back for you.

She continued;

I know I'm going to die one day and if you haven't been in my life actively, don't come for the burial. You will be embarrassed for nothing. Just love your friends when they're still alive.

The no-nonsense comedienne went ahead to explain how some of the people who hadn't even communicated with her for months blew up her phone.

I AM ALIVE, am well, I am in love, I'm so happy and for all my ninjas that love celebrating my life, you knew where I was because you follow me. That said, please follow the right pages.

Kansiime whose social media accounts [Instagram and Facebook] are verified, told her fans to stay woke and not to believe anything they read unless it is posted on her official pages.

She signed off by saying;

Me and person are drowning in love, That's the only drowning that's happening.

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