Hawa ni bodyguards ama fashion models? Reverend Lucy Natasha rolls around with numerous guards

Piece by: Geoffrey Mbuthia

Reverend Lucy Natasha is the toast of the town at the moment as far as pastors and church leaders go. She recently debuted a number of her very expensive cars and many of her followers and haters alike were amazed.

The cars are affectionately called the "Oracle" series by the reverend. The cars retail at a base price of at least 6 million shillings each. And she has many of them. Many! That is what pastors do with the hard-earned tithes that their congregants give them. *cough! cough!*

So what does Lucy have to be concerned with today in Kenya? Al Shabaab? Hapo sijui? Below are some more photos of the veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrryyyy important pastor with her security guards: