The interwebs is abuzz with news of a blind date between a celebrity and a diehard fan. Vera Sidika finally got to meet the fan who held up traffic outside the Rick Ross concert at the Carnivore Grounds.

Before we get into the intricacies of the date, here is a little samsam on Vera's date, Brian Kibet.

Otile Brown, please come and take notes.

He propositioned Vera. Watch the video here

This must have been awkward for Otile who was driving. Seeing his woman being showered with praises by a strange man.

Moving on, Brian is a devout Christian, he has baptism photos to prove it.

"Today i have been baptised in the name of the father..the son and the holy spirit."

Vera Sidika ordered the Teriyaki Salmon, vegetable stir fry and garlic rice that goes for Ksh 2,200.

While Brian fancied the 7 Hour braised lamb leg with caramelized potato gnocchi, minted garden peas puree, sweet spices, red onion jam and red wine infusion that goes for Ksh 1,950.

Vera announced to her fans,

"Finally took Brian Kibet for Lunch (As I had earlier promised). Such a humble guy. Thanks to everyone who tagged him ....Blessed Sunday 🙏 

Kenyans warned Otile Brown while others were wowed at Vera's decision to treat Kibet to an expensive lunch.

Read some of the comments.

sanggideons: Hio meno yako na smile wacha tu. I am selling my land soon then I look for you? Utanikubali? Pesa ikiisha nitatoka tu pole pole.

stacy_royalty: Yeey!!!Mbona mnakaa couple 😂😂😂😂@queenveebosset @otilebrown be careful Mahn! 😂😂😂😂 Nwei just messing with you.

joan_wonder: Wait...KIBET! Omg! @queenveebosset am so overjoyed right now. Thank you for choosing one of our own #kualumni #classof2013. Aaauww Vera😆😆😘😘 my love for you just skyrocketed if that's even possible! Naskia tu nikuhug.

ericohndwiga: Otile brown atapata mini heart attack akiona hii

stacy_kitoko: And you liked my comment,,,oh my goodness,,,Girl'' are you trying to make me cry,,cos l can't stop shouting,,, l loooooooove you @queenveebosset you are only not beautiful,,, you are real.

rose_dee232: ubaya wa such dates unakuwa exited,anxious,nervous hadi unashindwa kukula mabutterflies ndio zinacheza kwa tumbo na hebu crush date ya beshte yako unakula hadi unabeba toothpick yao kwa hiyo stuff ya toothpick ka takeaway,haidhuru,nice one🤗🤗🤗.

wendy____west: @queenveebosset This was so sweet of you,I mean Lots of Love from me💖💖And Hey Haters are always gonna hate for whatever reasons anyway but guess what? at the end of the day your still@queenveebosset you know😂😂🌠💖

hater_254: Niggah you are a disgrace to the men , as others are riding this double cabin you are busy taking selfies nugu🚮

trendseterz_lit: @am_faaaay what an irony... u claim to love somebody yet you are indirectly criticizing? If you don’t know what she is famous for then you don’t know her... which begs the question .. how do you love somebody u don’t know!

makeup_by_trisha93: He is a handsome and cool looking guy. Actually thought he is a business investor or something . Kudos.

0fficialaniger: Omgggggg queen this is so sweet💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕