Nameless and Wahu are Kenya's popular celebrity couple. Of late they have been letting fans into their lives.

Now that Nameless is recovering after being hospitalised and Wahu has just released a new gospel song, Sifa, all seems to be going well for the Mathenges.

The singer took to social media to highlight his struggle when they plan to go out as a family.

Nameless wrote, "I had to take this selfie because it reminded me of when I was growing up and all us kids will be in the car and my Dad on the driver seat would be fuming and loosing it because my mum would always delay to come out of the house 😂😂😂.. Well here we are a generation later going through same thing... Atleast sisi tuko na social media to keep us busy as we wait for mama watoto !! 😎😎😉😉 #IGmanenoz #waitingforsaladpool #newgerationsameproblems #newgerationparents #burgerchocolatejuicepoolareready #pliznoticeburgerpoolstolemyhat #Amefundishwanamamake #Godlovesme #recoveringwell #beenallowedtodrive #hashtagsarebackagain #rememberingthegoodoldays #dadulijaribu."

Fans has their own hilarious take on the post. here are some of them.

Nzisa Kilonzi: My husband always complains that i take ages to get out of the house. Shida ni ile ile kila mahali. A woman has to make sure everything is in order before she steps out. I.e kuhakikisha pasi imezimwa, gas iko off, lights are off, milango imefungwa , tap imefungwa poa na pia kuzima tv. Eish wat wud u do without women.😂😂😂 so nyi kaeni hapo mngojee wahu.

Makena Kariuki: Can I double like.. Sometimes I have to get back from the car to go open the house and reconfirm the Pasi,the gas, the elec etc yet they were off.. This condition oh

Nesh Ta Nesh: And at last after hiyo hustle ya kuangalia hakuna socks juu ya tv... My lipstick still intact? Check... Then you shout. Coming out.

Carol Davis: Just when we are about to leave after waiting for mum her mgeni comes calling and just like that uhuru park gets cancelled.

Diana Kins: Lol I i rem my mum keeping us waiting and phewx here she comes after long wait and when dad is about to drive she goes like ,"Na nimezima pasi" in kyuk lol we would my siblings n I would scream fuuuuuuuu.....then we would rem it's our parents and we would Malizia faaaaathi (pasi) yet we wanted to say fuuuuuuuck. Lol here I am I adopted same thing even taps gas and all.

Harrison Gachanjah: Saw hio ata bafo hajaoga na makeup Bado. Acha nikupee siri. If y'all have yo be somewhere at a specific time always tell her the time an hour earlier. Works perfect over here 😂😂😂.

Vinnie Mureithi advised Nameless, "Vunja kioo... worked for me. And when you replace, nunua kio ya skracha. She can only see one eyebrow in that one.. saves time.😆😆."

Linah Greg: I love this hash tags so happy they are back na kumbe stealing ur clothes is getting serious aki.

Gladys Mogire: I love this couple, long live nameless u r my crush it's only that am older

Leira Njau: Hahaha Kweli Hapo umegonga ndipo the same thing happens to me. They have to wait for me...