We are living in a generation where women prefer dating married men and have children with them despite these men having families already.

These millennials prefer married men to single men because to some, this is the only chance to get rich and inherit what they missed especially if they come from families which are not financially stable.

Well, Citizen TV's Lillian Muli has a message for these type of women. The sexy screen siren has advised women to shun away from such kind of relationships.

She says engaging in such a relationship is like 'killing' your future.

"When you date a married man and he leaves his wife. You enter a world of lies. He cheated and he will cheat on you!" she wrote.

But, to our ladies, dating a married man is a non-issue and something awful about such kind of relationships is most of them (women) end up living miserably.

For example; if you man dies, none of his family members will recognize you and your child, you will be chased away like a dog and we have witnessed many such cases around.

"To all my little sisters out there having Babies with married men...better watch yourself," added Muli. 

Lilian's sentiments were echoed by many who urged millennials to listen to Lillian's advice.

Here are some of the comments...

Pablojohny: Please tell them. Wasichana skizeni kenye Nzisa anasema

Mtegemea: Gal you said it better!

Kendy: I agree work hard for your money..the way you make the wife and kids suffer so will you!

Nas: Oooh well say it again Lilian. Ladies in case you are confused God will never send you someone else's husband.

Daisy: I have zero respect for women who help married men cheat.

Jack: Its all about peer pressure and greed and trying to maintain a standard that they can't afford. Women nowadays are like that.thats y they will do anything to get that Vera Sidika weave. They can't understand that if you can't afford it, don't force it. Stick to your lanes ladies.

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Josephine: Sad, we should be our sister's keeper.

Maureen: Very true, one will always be living a lie.