Some parents can really frustrate their children.

One city girl has written a very raw and candid post about how her life is worse off when living with her mother, than how it was living with her violent husband.

She writes,

"I'm stuck in between my violent husband and insulting mother. My husband is a woman beater, the punches I received from him is enough to send me to my grave before my mum gave me the courage to leave before he kills me and my children, because he extends the bullying to them when the kids come fighting for me.

My mum encouraged me to leave him which I finally did and moved back to my father's house. But ever since then it's been one insult to another from my mum. I can't eat in peace without insults following it. 'See how you are eating my chicken like you contributed'. She even extended it to her grandchildren and my son vowed never to eat in her house again. My mum is really frustrating me and am still looking for a job since I was a housewife back in my husbands house. I was very comfortable in my husband's house just that the violence was too much. Now am stuck. Do I go back to my husband or just kept enduring my mum till I get busy?

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But the insults are too much and my kids are already feeling very bad. I have tried to talk to my mum but she gets more aggressive and ask me, 'Who told you to leave your husband's house and come to mine if am not comfortable?'. Please am going mental I need help."

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