These Djs are making Kenyan men thirst day and night, wishing they could have a piece of them. These women are not afraid of showing what they have -- they do it like it's the end of the world. From flaunting their big a**es to posing their hips in killer positions, they make sure that men spend their salaries on Instagram.

Sit back and enjoy this list because I know you do not know most of them:

1. DJ Pierra

She's undoubtedly the sexiest female DJ in Kenya. When Nonini grabbed her hips in his latest video, I perfectly understood since she's irresistibly gorgeous. How does she do it TBH? She's now almost 35 years old but still driving men nuts. I'll ask her and let you know. Stay thirsty.

2. DJ Dii

When I wrote about her infamous butt, the story went viral. Dj Dee has more than a sexy body -- her face looks like honey on bread; it's inviting. For those of you who have a fetish for honey, you might want to check her out on Instagram.

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3. DJ Shanize

She's a gospel Dj whose hips men on social media cannot get enough of. In as much as she is on the other side of the entertainment realm, the girl is aware of this fact and does not spare men when it comes to killing them softly. By the way, she is friends with Rev. Cathy Kuina.

4. DJ Tabz

Tabz has a baby face and notable curves too. I could say she is the hottest gospel female DJ in Kenya. Do you have any other in mind? I highly doubt. When you get to know one, kindly tag them on my IG @harunmomanyi so that they can make it to top 10.

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5. DJ Malaika

Dj Malaika is a fast rising DJ based in Nairobi. She'll definitely be one of the most sought-after female performers in Kenya in a few years. Her most noticeable feature is her hips. Did all the big-hipped girls in Nairobi decide to be either models or DJs? I'm wondering.