Lets leave Bahati’s controversy and talk about his sense of style for once!

He started off in the song Mama as this gospel kid who was in it to give good music to his fans. I must admit that he has stuck to entertaining his fans as each day passes by.

It will be remembered that in his first video, Mama, Bahati went to the extent of borrowing clothes from DJ Mo, who welcomed him with open hands.

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Years later, Bahati is a big deal and a household name in East Africa. The multi-award-winning artiste is now rocking designer clothes. This is what is called blessings!

One thing still stands out though! Just like any other person, Mtoto Wa Mama has his Sunday best clothes. Something that is evident is the black dolly shoes he has always worn are his favourite. They are pretty and girlish too.

bahati meme

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Since he released his song Moyo Wangu featuring the legend herself, Jemimmah Thiong’o, Bahati has been spotted wearing those shoes.

Check him out;


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