Are you a fan of the Chibus?

Well, it seems all is not well. Things are veryyyy bad.

Over the weekend, Diamond Platnumz threw a party for his mother as she celebrated her 50th birthday and based on the photos and videos he posted on Snapchat, the Utanipenda hitmaker could be seen dancing suggestively with women.

Sema kusuguana.


Diamond Platnumz


Diamond Platnumz


Diamond Platnumz


Diamond Platnumz


Diamond Platnumz


Diamond Platnumz


Zari who was not invited for the party was busy in Uganda camping at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where her mother has been admitted in the ICU.

“THANKING NAKASERO HOSPITAL FOR THEIR SERVICE. ONLY GOD WILL DECIDE MOM’S FATE, Zari posted urging her followers to pray for her mother. 

Diamond did not even post anything about Zari’s mother’s health leaving many wondering if the power couple is even still together.

Ogopa Wanaume! Diamond Platnumz Throws Wild Party While Zari Camps At Hospital Praying For Her Ailing Mother (PHOTOS)

Of late, rumours have been going round that Diamond Platnumz could be the father to Hamisa Mobetto’s unborn child.

The heavily pregnant socialite posted the photo below and captioned “Mama Dee” which sent tongues wagging.

Hamisa Mobetto

Did she mean that the child she’s carrying is a girl and will be named after Diamond’s mother?

Well, our little bird close to Chibu’s family revealed that there’s trouble in paradise.

“Zari has not been herself ever since she found Hamisa’s belongings in her bedroom last year, SEPTEMBER. The sexy socialite is almost  due and just like many claim that she could be carrying Chibu’s pregnancy, it might be true. Munakumbuka zile picha alipiga na mamake Diamond na dadake kama wamevaa nguo zinazofanana?” posed our source.

Hamisa has not revealed the man who fathered her yet to be born child, and maybe she is waiting for the right time.

Zari Ameona Hii? Heavily Pregnant Socialite Alleged To Be Diamond Platnumz’ Side Chic Stuns Everyone After This Stunt

Anyway, Zari seems to have given up on her marriage and she has decided to focus on her five children. Earlier today, a social media user posted a photo of Tiffah, Diamond’s first born walking in high heels and captioned;

“Fashionista in the making #tiffahdangote?”

But the mother of five was quick to reply and her response has left her followers with many questions than answers.

“Latiffah Hassan correction..”

Did Zari change her children’s surnames from Dangote to Hassan which is her family name?

Is all well in paradise? 

Zari Hassan

Here are some of the comments from Zari and Diamond’s followers

Teddy: Zari no love don’t say that please please…love your children

Anita: There are so many low down dirty things you can do to look for publicity but this is not one of them, too sensitive a matter! Trust me this is not one of them…something has been brewing for sometime! It’s only that we don’t know!

Abraham: That’s what happens when you “marry” an immature young dude atazoea tu

Zari: Another Kiki in the making ??mbona alipoachana na Ivan hakuwabadili watoto wake majina mtchewww

Carrol: Kimenuka kwa bibi???

Queen: Very Soon it will be Lattifah Ivan hahahahha ??? Can’t wait for unfolding tales ??????????