They always say, you have a doppleganger, a look-a-like, tucked away somewhere in this world. For Willy Paul, his doppelganger resides in Nakuru. They are very similar in many ways…

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Willy Paul’s look-a-like is called Danville Msafi, his real name is Dancun Otieno. He looks, acts and poses like the controversial gospel star.

Danville is an artiste based in Nakuru signed to a label called Safi Records. If he wants to make it he should also look for a ka-yellow-yellow like Willy Paul.

Unlike Willy Paul, the Nakuru artiste has invested in higher education. He studied at Egerton University, according to his social media page. After his stint at Otieno Oyoo High School.

Just like Willy Paul, he is in a relationship.

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Here are photos that show Danville looks eerily like Willy Paul.



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