Olive Gachara has had a rough start to the week. She thought coming out and having a discussion with her fans and followers on twitter would actually go well and she would have the chance to defend herself.

Couture Africa editor-in-chief Olive Gachara looks on during a presentation

Olive has been accused by models who have been on the cover of her magazine, Couture Africa, for not paying them at all while others have complained they have received really late payments.

Olive Gachara defends herself against the #paymodelske accusations

She took to Twitter to defend and explain herself on a live segment with the hashtag #askolive. Boy did this hashtag turn against her!

Couture Africa Editor-In-Chief Olive Gachara

Writers and models were angry and could not hold back their harsh comments and they took this opportunity to let her know what they have been hiding in their hearts for a long time.

Read some of the comments that have gone viral:

Stable: So OliveGachara has millions to invest in KCB Lions Den but no money to pay writers and models? The entrepreneurs I know pay their people even before paying their own rent. #AskOlive

Kimanzi: Can you even pay attention #AskOlive

Kari: She not only doesn’t pay models, even people working in her office. Writers, operations. This is the most stupid and insulting hashtag ever. #AskOlive doesn’t deserve to run this conversation AT ALL!

Guff: I think this whole #AskOlive drive has some really disturbing undertones ranging from ‘I don’t care about y’all’ to ‘There’s nothing you can do about it’

Julius: We did some work for couture in 2015 we’ve not yet been paid to date..we decided to write it off as a bad debt..now u are back here with your kawaida stories nkt! Lipa watu

Hussein: BS. How come you didn’t say this earlier? Did you have to wait to get exposed?

Kenyan on twitter are savagely and brutally honest. All we do hope is justice is served ina ll ways.