Ahmed Darwesh

Ahmed Darwesh is one man who made us stay glued to the screens whenever he was on air. His signature greeting ‘Wakubwa hamjambo, wadogo mmeshindaje? Hii ni KTN Leo chaguo lako, wanakwetu wananiita Ahmed Darwesh’, always brought a smile to our faces.

Ahmed Darwesh

Despite battling diabetes, on Sunday, Darwesh went to work as usual and later went back home without knowing that it was his last day doing what he did best. On Monday, Darwesh did not show up at work and his colleagues were curious to know why he was absent.

He was found dead on his couch at his home. His loss is a big blow to the media industry;

SAD! Popular KTN Anchor Ahmed Dharwesh Passes On

ON THE NEXT PAGE is Darwesh’s last moments at the KTN studios during the Sunday 7 pm news bulletin.