Rapper Khaligraph Jones
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Khaligraph Jones has in his newest song talked about how his ex-girlfriend’s suicide left him hurt and traumatized for life.

The song ‘Ruby’ talks about his ex who left him for a man who promised her a better life only to end up infecting her with the HIV virus.

‘Her name was Ruby Jezebel alias The Empress.

She was from Nakuru but settled in Buruburu and I met her while coming from a funkie in Aquinas.

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I think she was 19 at the time and I was in form four at the time.

She was in college at the time.

I did not have a phone so she wrote my number on a piece of paper. When I got home I called her using my mum’s phone.

Jones added,

‘We started dating but because she was older people started hating. 

After clearing high school Ruby and I were still dating and I was sure it would last forever.

Khaligraph Jones

I had a part time job I was rapper, waiter serving people on the counters.

Ruby worked in Westlands and she earned more than I did and most times she used to give me fare.

I did not want to mess up.

He added,

Not a single day passed without her praying for me.

She was the best thing that happened to my life.

She comforted me when my songs were not being played.’

Within no time Ruby’s attention shifted from Jones to another man, a richer man.

‘Suddenly things started changing, she stopped going to church .

she started being carried in range rovers but despite all this my love for her was still strong.

Two months down the line, Ruby did not want to see me, she moved from Buruburu to Lavington and her job became that of exchanging sugar daddies.’

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‘I learnt a lot from this experience. We were young but she looked like wife material. 3 years later I received a call from Ruby asking me to meet her. We were once an item so i decided to meet her.

Ruby never came for the meeting and I was pissed because I had embarrassed myself, something I has sworn  I would never do.’

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Khaligraph decided to check out Ruby’s social media pages only to learn that she had died.

‘I decided to log on to Facebook and check her Facebook only to see ‘RIP’. she had passed away.

She committed suicide on the day we were to meet after she found out she had contracted HIV.

She left behind a suicide note apologizing for all the trouble she put me through.

I always feel sad about it.’

Papa Jones is currently married to Georgina Muteti and they have a daughter.

Check out this dope song.

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