Kilimani Mums wanapenda udaku sanaaaa. Today, one of the members posted a photos of Rapper Jaguar’s baby mama, Magda together with two children. The member captioned the photo “Mrs Jaguar”.

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Kenyan women slithered onto the comments section giving their unverified and unsubstantiated opinions about the purported relationship between the Kigeugeu star and his baby mama.

The opinions lead to an all out b*tch fight between #TeamMagda and #TeamOtherBabyMamas.

One member wrote, “Jaguar is not married he has 3 baby mamas..latest baby mama has a baby boy.”

Another wrote, “I know her sana… We once met in a function where she was telling everyone that she is the wife alichukua huyu mtoto mwengine to bring the guy closer to her.”

“Jaguar said he ain’t married (heard kwa radio interview) but she is the mother of his kid. Beautiful!” another one added.

One members scoffed, “Hahaha tell them i keep telling people stop calling a man your husband and yet you dont have a marriage cert,its not a marriage just cohabiting.So dangerous to live like that in Kenya at the moment ALL marriages Must be registered in accordance with the 2014 Marriage Act.”

Here are comments from #TeamMagda

She’s an awesome soul, with a beautiful heart….. Wengine wenu wacheni kushrub ata boyfriends hamna…. Baby mama or not nani ataleta wedding ya Jaguar hapa tushuhudie…. Let people live in peace n stop talking shit of people you’ve never worn their shoes…..

She’s there to stay as long as they wish..mbona muna machungu? Kuna tofauti gani kati yake na wengi tuu hapa wenye ni come we stay?Hamna..As long as he keeps her home and goes back to her after the hustle,yeye ndio reigning queen.What is?

She is lucky Ata kama ni baby mama, Ata kama anashrub Jaguar alimpenda na akamtongoza. Some pple wanapiga kelele hapa wakimsema ooh ako despareate Mara anashrub na Ata MCA TRICKY hawezi watongoza. Accept she is there to say n ain’t leaving forever. I like her maturity.

Women here feeling salty whether with an Indian accent or shrub Magda is beautiful woman very hard working, business oriented and lives a fabulous life ……The rest are details!

Sometimes it’s better being a baby mama other than being a prisoner, a slave a drum for beating in the name of a stupid marriage..

Magda is a good woman, beautiful soul….she’s a friend and I can testify to that…please treat her with respect and leave her alone… You can’t just put on her shoes trust me…I hate how people get into other peoples affairs…let her be please

Women can we learn to build each other. That’s how God blesses us. Downtrodding each other is neither here nor there. Neither does it pay her bills nor does it pay yours; but when you bless another you bless your whole generation.#mytwocents #sippingmypeppertea

What I’ve heard is that Jaguar loves this chic soo much coz she’s stuck by him from when he had nothing to date… The kids are adorable

I read a lot of jealousy in their comments. I think some of them can’t understand why even with their very expensive layers of makeup, the can’t land good men….

I wonder y people are concerned about other pple lives, this lady has never uploaded the so called Jaguars photo on her timeline, in simple terms she has been mum @ their relationship matters, I only see her proud of her daughter just like any other woman, she is hoooot, killing smile , please stop dragging her name in this whole nonsense

Most of us we are baby mamas, only that the dads are not celebs….so sioni makosa ya Magda hapa,,,, wivu tu!

Gosh women and bile,magda is happy shauri yenu