Timmy T Dat

Kenyan rapper Timmy T Dat has hit the headlines again barely a month after getting physical with fellow rapper, Kush Tracey, leading to a nasty break-up.

“Timmy TDat Got PHYSICAL With Me And We Are DONE!”, Declares Woman Who Nyemelead Kristoff

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Usinikazie singer was arrested by plain cloth police officers at his residence on Monday afternoon.

Although the reason for Timmy’s arrest is not known at this time, it is widely believed that it is in connection with Tracey’s assault.

Our efforts to reach the rapper proved futile as his mobile phone kept ringing without being answered.

Here is a photo of Timmy during his arrest:

Timmy T Dat during his arrest

In June this year, Timmy was strongly criticized after assaulting Kush Tracey, who was his girlfriend at the time, outside popular Club 1824 on Lang’ata road.

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The two reportedly got into a scuffle after the Welle Welle hit maker confronted Tracey about her alleged affair with a political aspirant who goes by the name of Dan Rugena.

According to Timmy, Dan and his goons clobbered him until he lost consciousness moments after warning him to stay away from the sassy lass who also goes by the moniker Mkamba wa Masaku.

This prompted him to accost Tracey and it is then that they got into a fight. Taxi drivers who were right outside the club were forced to intervene and separate the two.