Back in the early 2000s, Kenyan artistes had the luxury of being a sort of monopoly before other East African and Nigerian artistes started to rule the airwaves.

Ogopa Deejayz and Calif Records were the most sought after recording houses and were known for producing ‘kapuka’ and ‘genge’ beats respectively.

The major kapuka artists included the likes of Nameless and Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, while Jua Cali and Pili Pili were known for their genge music.

Here is a glimpse of what these legendary musicians are currently up to.



David Mathenge, 41, better known by his stage name ‘Nameless’ has stood the test of time to be one of Kenya’s top artists. From his first song ‘mega rider’ to ‘juju’, Nameless did not fail to entertain.

The ‘inspire’ hitmaker has managed to remain relevant for the past 20 years and continues to flourish and improve on his talent.

Wahu and Nameless
With the love of his life

Nameless studied architecture in campus and is married to fellow musician Wahu. The two love birds were blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio.

He is a legend in the Kenyan music scene because he has been present during its whole evolution process.

Nameless continues to write and record new music and is currently known for hit songs such as your lover and butterfly.

2. Gidi Gidi Maji maji


Gidi gidi Maji maji’s careers started when the two met in a Florida 2000 Club for the weekly Jam Session.

They registered to be one of the contestants in the talent search of rap battle and found out they were rivals.

The two went onto strike a friendship and merge their two names GidiGidi-Majimaji forming a music group that continually set trends in Kenya’s history of music for the past decade.

Maji Maji

The two lost the recording deal when the management moved to a different record label causing the two to split up.

Maji maji is currently the CEO of Ghetto Radio and a presenter for the breakfast show, while Gidi gidi is a radio presenter at Radio Jambo.

3. Jua Cali

Jua Cali

He helped grow genge music, a style that fuses hip-hop, dancehall, and African music styles. Fifteen years on, the genre is still a formidable force in the Kenyan music industry.

While many celebrate his lyrical prowess, his musical journey started when he was a young boy from California, Eastleigh.

The king of genge has managed to rise against all odds and is among the most successful musician in the industry.

He is blessed with a wife – Lilly and two beautiful children.

He is popularly known for songs such as Kwa heri, Ruka, Miaka, bidiii yangu and kiasi.

4. Pili Pili


Peter Gatonye, popularly known as Pili Pili always brought the hot and sweet vibe whenever his music graced the airwaves.

His music career picked up when he released the hit song “morale”.

Pili pili and his daughter

He abandoned music to be a family man. He is married to Emyllie and has a daughter named Kiki

He also ventured into business, where he opened a record label called  Chilli Inc.

Pili Pili is popularly known for songs such as morale, kamata dama,pili pili and wananipima.

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