A Kenyan man has confessed to siring a child with his step-mother without the knowledge of his dad nor his biological mother.

*Wafula whose son with the step-mum is now aged six says it’s a mistake he does not regret.

My dad married a second wife and then left to go work in Nairobi. After sometime my step-mum who was 32 started making moves at me.

I gave in and ended up sleeping with her only for her to end up pregnant.

My biological mum had a business in the nearest centre and she came home late so she never realized what was going on.’

Wafula added that at some point his dad and his step -mum separated after she told him that her son was not his.

‘My step mum told my dad that the child is not his but now she has been on my case because she cannot take care of the kid.

As a Luhya I cannot just let my son go.

I want to bring him back home but I am not sure how my dad will take it.

They parted almost two years ago.

What should I do?’ Asked Wafula

Sasa huyu anaeza saidika aje?

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