Ian Ndemange Kiio and Salma Mbuvi

Losing a loved one is not easy, but it is even more harder when it is someone you were dating or were engaged to for years.

Below are celebs whose boyfriends and girlfriends were snatched away by the cruel hand of death.

Prezzo and Goldie

Prezzo and his former Nigerian lover Goldie sparked rumors of a love affair back in 2012, but they did their best to keep it hush hush.

Perhaps this was on the down low because Goldie Harvey was married and it was likely to cause friction.

Their sizzling romance was apparent to many in the 2012 season of Big Brother All Star.

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Goldie died after she complained of a severe headache and was rushed from her Park View residence in Lagos to hospital where the doctors pronounced her dead on arrival at 7.30 p.m on February 2013.

Salma Mbuvi

The second born daughter to Nairobi governor Mike Sonko lost her boyfriend in 2017.

She was dating Ian Ndemange Kiio. Ian went to be with his maker on Wednesday, November 1 2017.

News of his death was first shared by Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi through social media.

Salma Mbuvi, daughter to Governor Mike Sonko
Salma Mbuvi, daughter to Governor Mike Sonko.

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3. Elizabeth Michael

Kanumba died after he fell in his bedroom on April 7, 2012, apparently from a head injury after falling and hitting his head on the wall.

His girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Michael was charged for involuntary man slaughter.

Elizabeth Lulu and The Late Kanumba
Elizabeth Lulu and The Late Kanumba

Elizabeth Michael, who goes by the stage name “Lulu”, admitted to pushing her partner Steven Kanumba during an argument in their home, which resulted in his death.

She has since been released from jail.

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