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Days after the death of Churchill show comedian Joseph Musyoki alias Kasee, fellow comedian Karis has apologized for failing him.

The Churchill Show comedian breathed his last on June 28, 2020 while on his way home to beat the curfew set for 9pm.

Taking to his Instagram, Karis penned an emotional letter on how he and the entertainment industry failed Kasee at his hour of need.

#RIPKasee! Dead comedian’s schoolmate pays moving tribute

Just the same way they let Njenga Mswahili down when he was battling depression before his body was crushed by a train.

‘WE FAILED YOU KASEE…when things started going astray WE FAILED BEING THERE FOR YOU..

But its not that we assumed it but because WE WERE ALSO FIGHTING OUR OWN DEMONS we failed you kasee THE SAME WAY WE FAILED NJENGA MSWAHILI.

I remember visiting him at mathare hospital then after a few months he is GONE….R.I.P NOW YOU.’

Karis and the late Kasee


‘EVERY OUTCOME HAS A COURSE people don’t just result into drinking or drugs out of the blue there is a push, a trigger and depression, confusion, rejection and stress, are the main culprits….
It’s just sad I Don’t know what WE CAN Do to prevent another person going down that road …😔😔😔😔.’

Below are some of the comments

njorothecomedian: True ..it’s sad hatuelewi depression vile ninoma.
sammie_kioko: Yess so sad
blsalsnipe: Rest in peace..best thing is that you guys despite being on TV you guys should leave within your level or limit as per income.
If u can’t buy a car just use uber or public vehicle’s don’t stress yourself .
That’s the biggest problem with us the youth of this generation…accept who we r and work hard.
joshuanthiani: The funniest thing is chipukizi is part of the system fighting drugs,but see what shit is happening with close friends en fellow brothers…I’d say we need serious guys not jokers.

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