Politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has come out to set the record straight on rumours that have been swirling around about her and Mugithi star Samidoh.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Karen gave a brief background of who she is.

“Nairobi siasa sio mchezo i was a first timer and I can say nilichezwa, it was not easy. now I’m preparing kuchezana. Currently, I’m on the board of Nairobi water. I’m a politician and 2022 I will be on the race. “

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Karen NyamuTalking about her pregnancy, Karen said,

“I gave birth normally like the first one, he is 3 months now. He is a sweet and playful boy like his dad. Massawe don’t put me in a tough corner that is a leading questuion.”

Addressing the video that went viral that featured herself and muguthi music giant, Samidoh, Karen explained.

“Samidoh is my friend, I thought I would post it like my friend but kwa comments ilileta mambo mingi and because posting the video, that was not my intention, I decided to pull it down. I had to consider that he is a brand. And normally I don’t delete content but I saw his family would be affected.”

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Karen Nyamu's baby showerAsked what is your friendship like? Karen told Massawe

“It is not like that. massawe, I’m a people’s person. I don’t know what you want me to tell you?”

Adding that the caption of the video that alluded to the fact that she is a second wife and she is suffering too, Karen clarified the caption saying,

“Infact, Massawe, Hiyo ni jokes kwani hujui jokes, kama hunijui ninakuamga na jokes mingi. mimi sio mkee was pili.”

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Asked point-blank if Samidoh is the father of her second child, Karens responded,

“It is a family issue I want to keep that private, Of course, I’m very proud because To say the truth ninatongozwa. I have options. With your mind, you make the decision to chose and I have no regrets on my choice.”


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