Men of God across the world have created a buzz with some of the things they do raising questions over the years if they are really saved or just trying to please God. From soliciting funds from the public in the name of healing to flaunting their wealth to the world, controversy is always on their backs.

These Are The Best Dressed Kenyan Pastors

Instead of leading by an example, these men of God are leaving a totally different lifestyle; they preach water but drink wine. For the last 2 years, most of the  Kenyan pastors have been trending for all the wrong reasons and below are some of the pastors who have been accused of being controversial.

1.  Victor Kanyari

The king of controversy. The self-proclaimed Dr, prophet, pastor Victor Kanyari the son of the prophetess Lucy Nduta. Kanyari has been involved in a series of allegations such as conning his followers using “mbegu ya 310” and also undressing women in public.

2.  Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna

This is the famous power couple in Kenya who own Jubilee Christian Church. The church is always attended by “rich” people and if you happen to watch one of their live services on TV, you will agree with me someone. They have been accused of alot of things; from chasing poor people from their church to dissing Eastlands men.

“I Did Not Ban Poor People From Attending My Church,” Kathy Kiuna Clears The Air (VIDEO)


3.  Joseph  Hellon

The Jazz musician and founder of Finger of God ministry, stylish pastor Hellon has been in the limelight ever since the Esther Arunga- Quincy Timberlake saga. He was accused of many things among them converting screen siren Arunga to his church together with Quincy which has led to the couples miserable lifestyle.

4. Pastor Gilbert Deya

He is famous for the miracle babies. Deya claimed to be able to give infertile couples “miracle babies” and he has been in the spotlight with the government seeking his extradition fro the UK for him to be tried in Kenya for child trafficking.

5. Pastor James Ng’ang’a

He can never miss on this list. The controversial pastor has been accused of several things and its said that he was the first to use potassium permanganate to convert water into blood before Kanyari.

6.  Pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries

Popularly known as “pasta tapeli”, the man of God was exposed by NTV sometimes back for using people to lie to “confused” Kenyans who attend his church that Jesus heals even the lame.