Julie Gichuru's friend Edu

Media personality Julie Gichuru is mourning. The mother of five lost a friend and a confidant identified as Edu over the weekend.

In a touching social media tribute, Julie said she is yet to come to terms with Edu’s death.

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This is because he was not only her friend but her husband’s friend as well.

‘Meanwhile… we lost a friend last weekend. His mother was my teacher. His sister my classmate. He and Tony were pals from way back.

He spoke at our wedding and was there to condole with us and support us when our darling son Mwaura passed away.

I have not come to terms with this yet. This is hard. Rest well Edu. We will meet again. Our support and prayers are with your family. 🙏🙏🙏

We shall remember you, smiling, laughing, and living life to the fullest. Benga! Benga!’

Below are photos of Julie and Edu

Julie Gichuru’s friend Edu
Julie Gichuru on her wedding day

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Julie Gichuru’s friends Edu
Edu druing the burial of Julie Gichuru’s son Mwaura

May he rest in peace,such friends are hard to come by.

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