Jowie in court
Jowie in court

In the ongoing murder trial of media personality Jacque Maribe and ex-fiance Jowie Irungu.

On the dock is testifying against Maribe and Jowie Terryanne Chebet’s housegirl, Pamela.

Pamela says she has worked in Chebet’s home for over 5 years. In 2016, she stopped working at Terryanne’s home after she was fired from Citizen. And moved to Maribe’s home

Pamela said they were staying together with Maribe and her son alone. Jowie moved into their home in June 2018.

Jowie’s shorts had Monicah Kimani’s blood stain – court told

Pamela said she saw a gun and asked Maribe why he had it and that’s when Maribe told her that Jowie works as an army officer in Dubai and also at State House.

Pamela told the court that Jowie used to take Jacque to work and return to the house and later in the evening he would pick her from work. Adding that all he did was take Jacque to work and come back to sleep.

On September 19 2018, he took Jacque to work and came back to sleep. At around 4 pm he left the house carrying a black bag. He was dressed in grey shorts white shirt and sneakers.

Lady in red! Jacque Maribe shows up in court slaying (photo)

He left with Maribe in the car.

She said, “Both of them did not come back that night and I didn’t hear them when they came back.”

On September 20 he took her to work as usual and came back to sleep
Later that evening he left again. At around 1am that night she heard Jowie shouting out to Brian to help. She left her room and found Jowie’s clothes and possession downstairs

She then saw Brian Kasaine the neighbour and his wife come in asking for Jowie ID.  Brian was saying they can’t take him to the hospital without an ID.


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