Kenyans can’t keep calm after an undated photo of a man believed to be Rihanna’s bodyguard emerged online, with many arguing he resembles Jowie.

The tall, bearded man is pictured holding an umbrella for Rihanna who is out and about, looking sexy.

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Jowie Look alike
Jowie Look alike

While most people reacted to the photo due to the bodyguards reaction after Rihanna held his hand in an intimate way.

Most Kenyans were quick to note the uncanny resemblance between the unidentified and ex fiance of Jacque Maribe, Jowie Irungu.

Jowie Look alike

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The beard, the eyes and the stocky look all makes one think of Jowie. Below are some of the reactions.


@Kiara_Smith19: Legend has it he never washed that hand again.
@wonderland449: You know his grandkids are gonna hear this story every family get together
@paulieshinobi: He will never been able to love another woman’s touch again.
@_Sacrilegious: I just know she smell like sugar, spice, & everything nice. But that touch would’ve turned me to melted butter on the inside.
@teeberculosis: That man is clearly trying to keep his kids inside is body.
Do you think the bodyguard resembles Jowie?