If there is something that sucks when it comes to matters of the heart then it must be facing rejection.

Not being accepted whether it is in dating life or at work is a hard pill to swallow. The impact is so bad that most individuals develop low self-esteem after rejection.

With so much negativity surrounding the decline of not being accepted by someone we have crushed so hard on, comedian Jaymoh Ule Msee sees it as an opportunity to grow.

Jaymoh who in countless times faced rejection describes during an interview on Dr King’ori’s Wicked edition as an opportunity to thrive and grow oneself.

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The funnyman who likes to describe himself as the chairman of Team Mafisi is known to be one who doesn’t shy from being authentic and vocal about relationship issues and this time it was not any different.

Speaking at the interview hosted by Dr King’ori Jaymoh whose real name is Wilson Muirania talked about various reasons that girls gave for rejecting him.

Jaymoh talked about a scenario where one claimed that she doesn’t date guys who are not loaded in terms of cash, another claimed that she only dates guys who are funny which led to him to vow on being a funny person.

Jaymoh added that another told him that she doesn’t date guys who don’t dress well which led to Jaymoh picking up points and began to dress well and then another scenario where a girl rejected him on the claims that she cannot date a guy who does not converse in proper grammar and Jaymoh was quick enough to work on his grammar.

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The content creator who rose to fame based on the videos he posted on social media that was later on aired on K24 TV for his creativity and comic nature on telling compelling stories about relationships sees rejection as life-changing since a man is able to work on areas he had not focused on.

Jaymoh encouraged men to take rejection positively and focus on growing themselves. “Kukataliwa is the process of becoming a legend.”

Jaymoh advised men, “Mtu akikukataa unamweka kwa pending project.” added Jaymoh on the interview.

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