Jalango Milele

It’s apparent no one is immune to imminent heartbreaks, decorated Kiss FM radio morning show host Jalang’o divulged his tribulations seeing a girl out of his depths back in the day.

Jalang’o disclosed dating a bourgeois girl he shared nothing in common with whilst he lived in Mwiki as a fledgeling comic.

Kamene Goro reveals why Jalango made her bae super insecure

The radio personality revealed that the girl broke up with him on a date in a candid yet brutally honest and awakening conversation.

Citing that she didn’t know about anything from Jalango’s side of the world then she dismissed the prospects of a potential relationship on grounds of incompatibility to him.

Jalas imparted that he later ordered four bottles of Pilsner beer to drown his sorrows after which the lass took the tab, sorted the bill and walked out on his wretched heart never to see him again.

Now that he’s made some bank, Jalas afforded some laughs whilst he told the story.

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