On the Kiss FM morning show, Kamene Goro was left speechless when an argument she had with Jalango took a different turn than she expected.

Kamene was asking her fans to look out for her over the weekend since she will be up and about checking out various spots while  driving the new Kiss FM branded ride.

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The radio presenter even asked her fans to take photos and post on social media and tag her.

Jalango’s sense of FOMO kicked in.  The comedian already had plans to vacay in Mombasa over the weekend and will miss out on the weekend plot with Kamene.

Bragging he told Kamene,

“My penthouse is ready,” Jalango said.

Then he remembered he will not be riding in the new posh Kiss FM ride, he asked,

“What was I not given one. Let me call the boss.”

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A shocked Kamene responded,

“Why are you doing this? Jalango has no manner? How are you going to call the boss?”

Listen to Jalango’s conversation with Radio Africa boss Patrick Quarcco.

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