Jakoyo Midiwo

Jakoyo Midiwo is the gatekeeper for those going to heaven if one goes by what the former Gem MP says.

The politician it seems is in possession of the Book of Life and he is ready to spill the beans. Midiwo said he did not need to be a prophet to know that people who had oppressed others will not see the heavenly kingdom.

Jakoyo Midiwo

He did so by pointing out that he, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi and Kimilili MP Eseli Simiyu among heaven bound politicians. He divulged this after saying Deputy President William Ruto would not make it to heaven and that if he did so, all Kenyans would be in paradise.

The MP was speaking to NTV on Tuesday when he showed of his new profession as a prophet. The ex-MP said he was sure that Ruto who had claimed he was investing in heaven through giving donations to churches, would not make it to heaven because he was corrupt.

William RutoT


He claimed:

“Ruto has unexplained wealth and has grabbed land all over the country including those of schools. I am not God but I can tell you the knowledge I have about him doesn’t permit me to believe he will make it to heaven because every man is judged by his deeds.”

The former leader of Minority in the National Assembly added that most Kenyans were suffering from the massive loss of public resources and those behind the thievery would not manage to see heaven’s gate.

When asked whether he would make it to heaven, Midiwo said he  had been brought up well by his mother and thus he had high chances of seeing paradise.

Jakoyo Midiworuto

Midiwo who is a cousin to Raila Odinga however did not mention his relative when listing individuals who would go to paradise.

Kenyan politicians excel at making weird statements. Meru County Senator Kiraitu Murungi had his moment in 2005 when as Justice Minister he guffawed:

“It is like raping a woman who is already too willing.”

 Kiraitu Murungi
Kiraitu Murungi

He was arguing out a case involving donors who were putting undue pressure on the government to deal with numerous corruption scandals.

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