Jackie Matubia and Izareeh

Former Tahidi high actresses and best friends Jackie Matubia and Mercy Njoki aka Izareeh are no longer close BFFs.

The two have been serving us friendship goals until recently when we noticed that Matubia was missing from Izareeh’s timeline.

Their fans have been speculating that they might have fallen out and that’s why Izareeh deactivated her Instagram account for some time.

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A close source told Mpasho that the two no longer see eye to eye after Izareeh’s 30th birthday party.

It’s not clear what transpired between them.

The two no longer follow each other on social media and it’s not clear whether they’ve blocked or unfollowed each other.

Jolene and Mercy
Matubia and Njoki

In her current post, Matubia wrote,

Guess i am Jordyn Woods vs the Kardashians. Don’t ask me questions i am rolling.

Matubia is married to a pilot whereas, Izareeh got married to businessman Bob Muriithi, after parting ways with her first baby daddy gospel singer Heyz the Brand.

Matubia and Njoki

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Mpasho.co.ke reached out to Switch TV presenter Matubia for comment and as to why she shared the cryptic post about Jordyn Woods, she said,

It doesn’t have to mean both or her. It’s just me and my personal life. 

When we called again the mother of one didn’t feel like talking.

“I have nothing to say. No comment,” she said before hanging up.

Matubia and Njoki

During Matubia’s birthday last year in September, Izareeh showered her with love and her message to her back then BFF read,

Chizilangu..First of all forget about all those birthday wishes from Ig and Fb the best birthday wish comes from your best friend
Where do I even begin?
More than 10 years of friendship weh! Its been a good 10 years of Tears, laughter, Fights, getting into trouble together, motherhood, working together i can go on and on but today we celebrate together because so many things have opened up for you…Its a blessed new year for you. Happy birthday from the person who knows your real age. Your secret is safe with me🤐😂😂
Another year older?? No way…Another year sexier and smarter!!!!
Happy blessed birthday my Celebrity babe!!!! @jmatubia.

Matubia and Njoki

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Mpasho reached out to Izareeh for a comment and she said,

Imagine we’re still friends. It’s only that now everyone is busy, both of us are working. We’re okay.