Joyce Laboso

Edwin Abonyo husband to the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has said he has not considered remarrying  as it is too soon since he lost his wife.

His response came after a fan of a local radio station asked if he would consider getting married again.

‘I have not thought about REMARRYING even for one moment.

I have not even considered that now that my wife is gone I should consider getting another wife.’

Abonyo recently said that three months since the death of his wife her clothes are untouched in his city, Sotik and Fort Ternan homes.

I paid bills of two cancer patients while in India with Laboso – Edwin

He also added that him crying every time he is alone does not make him less of a man.

‘Yes I am strong but like I have said before I have my weak moments where I cry, but that does not mean that I am weak.

After all we were married for 35 years.’

Abonyo said that they were good friends and that is why their marriage lasted this long.

According to Laboso’s family,

‘There is still a picture of the former governor.

a condolence book and four reddish candles sitting on a small table at the entrance corridor leading to his living room.

It depicts a mourning mood in the Kilimani, Nairobi home.’

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